iMotion Group consists of its Hong Kong head office iMotion Consultancy Management Co., Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiaries iMotion (Shanghai) Product Design Co., Ltd., Shanghai iMotion Trading Co., Ltd. and Chengdu iMotion Product Design Co., Ltd.  The Group operational head quarter is in Shanghai, P.R.C. Since 2009, the Group has developed rapidly and gain many key customers. We serve World 500 Company including Siemens, Derby Cycle from Germany, Olympus from Japan and Flextronics from U.S.A. We are dedicated in developing fashionable, simple and professional products. As a result, our ODM products could be found all over the world including Europe, America, Japan and Australia.



Our team of professional designers with their innovative ideas is always in tune with market trends and provides excellent and quality services.  We bring to you unique ideas in product creation to achieve market demand.  Besides product design, our product creation team offers value-added design services for mold, assembly lines, test engineering and packaging.  Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience particularly in consumer electronics, household appliances and industrial equipment.  Our worldwide customer base includes USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, UK, France, Israel, Switzerland and Mexico.

What we can do

We focus on product design, and our product creation team offers value-added design service such as mold, assembly, test engineering and package. Our team has more than 15 years of experience particularly in consumer electronics products, household appliances and industrial equipment.  test engineering and package.

Our Products